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  Juan Fernandez
The lure of the exotic

  The lure of the exotic is felt nowhere stronger than on the mysterious Robinson Crusoe Island in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago off the coast of Chile in South America.

A five-million-year-old volcanic seamount rises out of the cool waters of the South Pacific, thrusting 3,000 feet skyward and covered with indigenous flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth.

Explore the uninhabited slopes of the island where archeologist Jim Turner claims the ancient Maya have carved a megalithic sentinel that awaits the final Total Solar Eclipse of 2012.

Learn of the sacred geography of the island, how it is represented in the astronomy and hieroglyphs of this Mesoamerican culture, and how it may represent the final frontier of our current World Age. Come join the adventure as we journey to this distant outpost of ancient civilization.

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Juan Fernandez
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