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Alejandro Briones
Chile: Fantastic and limitless

The travels of Alejandro Briones through the fabulous and surprising geography of Chile have created a unique connoisseur of the mysteries and secrets of this country located at the end of the world. A professional off-road driver since 1980, Alex’s expeditions have ranged from Easter Island to the high Andes mountains and from Atacama to Patagonia. Through the lens of his penetrating photographer’s eye, a journey through Chilean territory with him becomes an unforgettable experience. Sensitivity, knowledge, skill and experience blend together to make of your trip a series of adventures, challenges and discoveries that only an exceptional guide can provide: Alejandro Briones and his Atakama Logistics and Travel team.

Alejandro’s Chile
Want a high adrenaline adventure? Then try an expedition in a 4X4 vehicle to the Ojos del Salado volcano. The goal? To reach 17,224 feet (5.250 meters) above sea level. Or how about this challenge: American Racing World Expedition, 1,865 miles from Santiago to Punta Arena with routes snaking through rugged valleys, through thousand-year-old forests nestling between snow-capped mountains and deep lakes, and through landscapes of the generous vines that produce the famous Chilean wines,.

One of Alejandro’s earliest projects was in 1993 when he began to organize an expedition in Chile together with the U.S. company American Racing Custom Wheels. He and his partner Nicolás Recordón organized the entire expedition and performed the reconnaissance of different trails in order to design the definitive route that would be followed in the south of Chile: Santiago-Concepción-Hueicolla-Puerto Montt-Chaitén-Torres del Paine-Punta Arenas. In March of the same year Alejandro made a 746-mile trip to Tierra del Fuego, Chile, in charge of the production and on-route driving for an article for the Ladeco Turismo magazine. In September he collaborated in the production of an expedition to the Licancabur volcano, and was the official driver on that route for Peulla Films in the framework of a documentary on the Inca culture.

Since that time Alejandro has produced numerous expeditions and has worked for several international press media. Following is a summary of the most important jobs he has carried out, evidencing three of his main characteristics: effectiveness, spirit and capability.

• 1993 Collaborates in the production and is in charge of photography for an expedition to Puerto Williams, Chile, to record the first wind-surfing crossing of the Beagle Channel by Nicolás Recordón.
• 1994 Collaborates, together with Steven Silk, in the organization of the international event Camel Trophy ’94 (Argentina-Paraguay-Chile).
• 1999 Is hired by BBC London as local coordinator for the filming of a movie on the island of Chañaral, with cameraman Simon King. Is responsible for production and logistics during the 15 days of the expedition.
• 2000 Participates in the logistics and driving of the route for Nova Films, filming a documentary on the transfer of the mirror for the telescope located on the Pachón hill in La Serena.
• 2007 Provides the photographic coverage of the Rome Marathon and the Tunisia Cross Country Rally in Africa.
• 2007 Provides the photographic coverage, video direction, driving and organization of the Mitsubishi Andean Caravan, a 5,282-mile trip from Punta Arenas, Chile, to Tambo Quemado, Bolivia.

All the above experiences have served to design the perfect route for those who wish to get to know the real Chile, the in-depth Chile. And Alejandro is, without any doubt, the right person to guide you in that direction. It is he who, as a driver, has covered thousands of miles and, through his lens, has been capable of distinguishing great subtleties that others have left unnoticed. And during our trip through this marvelous country, it will be Alejandro who will make us stop for a second to observe something marvelous, something breathtaking, that we wouldn’t even have thought or imagined possible, confirming the teachings of an old Chilean saying: reality exceeds even the most feverish of fantasies.
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