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Alejandro Briones
Chile: Fantastic and limitless

The travels of Alejandro Briones through the fabulous and surprising geography of Chile have created a unique connoisseur of the mysteries and secrets of this country located at the end of the world. A professional off-road driver since 1980, Alex’s expeditions have ranged from Easter Island to the high Andes mountains and from Atacama to Patagonia. Through the lens of his penetrating photographer’s eye, a journey through Chilean territory with him b...

James Turner
James was born November 8, 1970 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and completed his school-level and university studies in Canada, earning a B.A. in Philosophy with a minor in Literary Studies in 1993.

Early in 1995 Jim departed for a 5-month road trip to Mexico and Central America. Although completely ignorant of the existence of the ancient Mayan site of Palenque in southern Mexico, that area was to become the focus of Jim’s later graduate studies and a topic of ongoing research that c...

Patricio Bustamante
- Photographer (1977 – present)
- Researcher in Archaeoastronomy (1983 – present)
- Diploma Degree in Cultural Wealth Management and Conservation from the Universidad Católica (2006)
- Consultant in Efficient Use of Energy (1990 – present)
- Fellow researcher of The Los Alamos National Laboratory Geographic Information Systems for the Preservation of Archaeological Sites and Petroglyphs.
- Member of AURA, the Australian Rock Art Research Association.
Rapa Nui
The Inca Trail
Juan Fernandez
Route of the Apus
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